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Discover why Korea is an ideal place for digital nomads and workations

Work and Travel in Korea with Hoppin

Hoppin offers a seamless solution for immersing yourself in the remote work lifestyle in Korea.
We provide coliving and coworking spaces to digital nomad retreats and tailored company workations, connecting you with locals and fellow remote workers from around the globe.

Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of digital nomads and remote professionals.

Coworking Maximize productivity and network with remote professionals in a collaborative workspace.
Coliving Live with like-minded individuals in a home away from home.

Join our workation trips to explore Korean cities, from popular destinations to untapped locations.

For Individual Discover the beauty of Korea with fellow digital nomads making lifelong friendship.
For Companies Boost creativity and teamwork with memorable offsite experiences, fostering innovation and achieving shared goals.


Discover the top destinatios for workation services and facilities in South Korea.


What People say about Hoppin

Roxana, filmmaker: As a digital nomad it can get lonely sometimes, but here I found an amazing community with people from all sides of the world and different skill sets, but with the same way of living. It was refreshing to feel understood without having to explain myself for once.
MJ, Software Engineer: From clear communication, and a well-planned schedule, through comfortable accommodation and coworking spaces to people themselves - everything was perfect. I feel very grateful to join this community and the opportunity to explore Korea this way.
Lea, Software Engineer: The Busan workation was not just a trip but also an enlightening moment that gave me the urge to get out of my comfort zone this year and follow my dream as a free spirit.
Justin, Digital Creator: I had the chance to dive deeper into Korean culture, learn from others, explore new foods, and discover places I've never been before. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a rich cultural experience alongside their work journey!
Ian, Entrepreneur: A workation with Hoppin is an ideal way to unplug, and explore but still stay productive. Most of the activities are planned ahead of time so all you have to do is tag along and go with the flow.
Maria, Uruguay: The Winter Workation in Seoul was the perfect way to get to know the Korean culture, make new friends, and connect with the local digital nomad community. We worked hard, ate hard, k-pop danced hard, and had a memorable time together in one of my favorite cities in the world. Can´t wait to join next time :)
Pablo, Entrepreneur: The workation program was an eye-opening experience. Everything was seamlessly organized, from the co-working space to the cultural excursions. This program wasn't just a vacation; it was a chance to connect with a diverse community, immerse myself in a new culture, and discover a hidden gem of a city.
Edward, Business Developer: The program was very well structured and thought out, every piece was intentional and balanced work and play very well. The program took into consideration our different working needs but still helped us build a sense of community and friendships.
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