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Discover why Korea is the perfect destination for your next Workation event, blending modern amenities, rich culture, and diverse landscapes.

What’s Included?

Ready for a remote work adventure in South Korea? Join our Workation program, combining work and vacation seamlessly with coworking, coliving, and curated experiences designed for digital nomads.
We provide a variety of accommodation types that range from hotels to coliving and private to shared rooms.
Each Workation will include dedicated workspace for all team members and reliable wifi connection for optimal productivity.
Local Activities
Outside of work, we include cultural programs to fully immerse your team in local activities and excursions.
Workation Support
We offer support for the new Workation Visa (Digital Nomad Visa) and government subsidy for discounted workation trips


Join our workation trips to explore Korean cities, from popular destinations to untapped locations.
South Korea’s capital combines modern amenities with culture and traditions.
Stunning beaches and modern amenities, Busan offers the perfect blend of work and leisure.
A paradise for those seeking adventure and relaxation.
A "museum without walls" embodying the essence of South Korea's heritage.
A region characterized by its picturesque countryside, agricultural heritage, and flavorful dishes.
An island known for its landscapes, serene beaches, and coastal villages.

For Individuals

Explore Korea and connect with like-minded nomads
Collaborating with Digital Nomads Korea, Hoppin organizes workation retreats for remote professionals with community & networking events.
Stay tuned for upcoming events! We are working on some fun events starting this September

For Companies

Enjoy and Experience a unique retreat with your coworkers and teammates.
Hoppin provides tailored workation services for businesses and teams visiting Korea, handling everything from travel planning to event coordination for a seamless experience.

Why Organize Workation for your Business?

work-life balance: Blend work with leisure to recharge, returning to work with renewed energy and motivation.
increased productivity: Fresh environments spark creativity, reduce burnout, and enhance focus without office distractions.
team building: Shared experiences foster stronger bonds, better communication, and a sense of camaraderie among team members.

Types of Workations

Individual Refresh: Incentive travel, travel combined with work trips, bleisure
Workshops: Team building events, company offsites, company retreats
Focus Gathering remote teams together to work on specific projects or goals

Ready to book your next Workation in Korea?

Hoppin Workations offer a seamless and unforgettable experience for your next Workation. We have the knowledge of the local landscape, including hidden gems and cultural nuances, allowing for curated experiences tailored to your team’s preferences and objectives.
From organizing unique team-building activities in Seoul to coordinating immersive cultural excursions in historic Gyeongju, Hoppin handles all logistics with precision and care.
Our established relationships with local venues ensure access to exclusive offerings, while our on-the-ground presence guarantees prompt assistance and problem-solving, freeing you to focus on your work and fully immerse yourself in the enriching experience of a South Korean Workation.