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Welcome to the perfect mix of work and leisure in the vibrant coastal city of Busan, South Korea. Are you ready for a unique digital nomad adventure?

Pop-up Coliving in Busan

When: September 1st - 29th, 2024
Where: Busan City, South Korea
Who: digital nomads
Program Fee: 1 week 300 USD - 4 weeks 900 USD
Join ‘Hoppin Busan’, a pop-up coliving program, designed for digital nomads. Busan, with its stunning beaches and modern amenities, offers a captivating blend of dynamic city life and tranquil coastal beauty. Connect with fellow digital nomads and dive into the local culture of Korea. With high-speed internet and comfortable coworking spaces just minutes away from beautiful beaches and cultural attractions, Busan has everything you need.
Whether you want to unwind by the sea, explore local markets, or network with fellow professionals, Busan provides an enriching environment for productivity and relaxation.

What’s Included?\color{white}\colorbox{#17ADFF}{What's Included?}

Private studio with a dedicated workspace, bathroom & kitchenette
 Free access to coworking spaces around the city and weekly Coworking Day events
Local activities and excursions
 Interactive session with local government and business
 amazing local hosts to support you and foster the community
An online guide with local recommendations for workspaces, cafes, restaurants…
 A worldwide network of 2,000+ digital nomads
︎ Please Note!
✱ Travel expenses(flight, train tickets, etc) and meals during your stay are not included.


You can choose to join for a minimum of 1 week to a maximum of 4 weeks.
Onboarding for the program is on every Sunday (September 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd).
Here are some details!

∙ Cozy Room in Busan, Just for You\color{black}\colorbox{#88D4FF}{∙ Cozy Room in Busan, Just for You}

#centrally #located #amazing #price #best #local #hotel We’ll stay in a residence in the central area of Busan. Everyone will have their own private studio with a double bed, a small kitchen and a private bathroom.

∙ Modern Office by the Beach\color{black}\colorbox{#88D4FF}{∙ Modern Office by the Beach}

#centrally #located #local #coworking #perfect #settings #wifi Our designated coworking space is located at the center of Busan, with a panoramic view of the city. Besides, we will explore other coworking spaces, laptop-friendly cafes around the city during the program.

∙ Deep Dive Experience of Marine City\color{black}\colorbox{#88D4FF}{∙ Deep Dive Experience of Marine City}

#local #activities #tours #special #coworking #days #networking #nights
From coworking days, networking events, and excursions, we offer weekly programs to explore the city in a slow speed. Imagine exploring the city with like-minded individuals from all over the world.

︎ Please Note!

✱ Photos and videos will be taken during the event for promotional purposes.
✱ If you are a content creator and interested in collaborating with us during this workation, please contact us!
✱The number of participants for this workation is limited, so apply early to secure your spot! ⇣

How to Join\color{white}\colorbox{black}{How to Join}

We haven’t opened the registration page yet. You can sign up to join our community now and get updates when the registration page is open.

1\color{white}\colorbox{black}{1} Sign up and Join our community for FREE!

2\color{white}\colorbox{black}{2} Get access to all the detailed schedules, events, and latest info.

3\color{white}\colorbox{black}{3} Once the register page is opened, you can join our workation, being part of an unforgettable experience!

Need help or have questions? Reach out to us at contact@hoppers.kr or DM us on Instagram @hoppin.life


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